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About The LocksBox

When it comes to haircare, it seems as though every day there's something new. What are all these oils? Flaxseed, Coconut, Avocado... Do we put it on our hair or in a smoothie?

(Yes, put in on your hair!)


With so many products on the market, it's not only confusing, but costly to try new ones. 


 We can help 

Each season The LocksBox will 

feature unique, salon-quality 

products and deliver them to your door.​​

Unlike other subscription boxes that throw together various products, we focus only on cutting-edge, professional hair care brands. And, instead of those small samples, we'll send you the travel-sized versions, so you can really give each product a chance to show amazing results.

 The bottom line...


The LocksBox is a fun, exciting and

inexpensive way to try unique, salon-quality products for your hair!

Give your hair what it craves...
something new.
You'll find it in The LocksBox! 
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